3D game for cats | CATCH THE GECKO (front view) | 4K, 60 fps, stereo sound

3D game for cats | CATCH THE GECKO (front view) | 4K, 60 fps, stereo sound

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This video game was created not only for the entertainment of your cat, but also for the purpose of a scientific experiment. Thanks to it, we will be able to study the structure of the cat's brain (cat's vision, hunting instinct, dopamine production and much more). Each element of this video has a specific purpose and based on scientific research. For example, for the background, we use blue, green, and gray colors because the cat's vision distinguishes blue, green, and gray colors better than others. This happened as a result of evolution and helps cats hunt mice and birds in green grass, on gray stones and against a blue sky. The video is recorded at 60 frames per second because cats see more frames per second than humans, their time is slower compared to ours, they see everything that happens as in slow motion. That's why they have faster reactions than humans. Modern scientists say that cats are able to see about 40 frames per second, with lower framerate they see a change of static pictures instead of smooth video. Show this game to your cat in 4k or 1080p (all the videos are in 60fps). Also in this video, the sound is made stereo panoramic to increase the realism of the picture.

We will also make 3 versions of each video: isometric, top view and side view. This is necessary in order to find out at what angle it will be more interesting for the cat to follow the prey.

And you can help us in our experiment
1) Show your cat all three versions of the video (top, front, isometric) and write a comment which one he liked more
2) Write down what moment of the gecko movement caused your cat the most interest
3) Write how your cat reacts to the sounds the gecko makes

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