Mario Kart Augmented Reality Coming To Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart Augmented Reality Coming To Nintendo Switch

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September 11, 2020
Nintendo Switch
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To celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo unveiled a video highlighting a lot of their upcoming Mario video games, and a lot of them sound incredibly exciting! Super Mario 3d All-Stars! Super Mario Bros. 35! And so much more! But the most buzzworthy game has to be Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, available for the Nintendo Switch, which released a trailer detailing this new augmented reality video game. Basically it brings Mario Kart into the real world, which is something fans have been wanting for a long time. So better start perfecting your racing skills now!

Based on the trailer, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will allow players to create their own maps and obstacles right in their very own home. Using specialty gates and your own remote-controlled cart, your living room or bedroom or wherever can now be turned into a Mario Kart track that you can spend hours racing through. This is a major breakthrough when it comes to racing games and we feel it’s the start of something truly spectacular!

But how will the game mechanics of this actually work and when can you expect to get it? All that and more will be answered in today’s video so go ahead and check it out! Then tell us in the comments if you think this is going to be a big hit, or whether it has too many problems to be successful. And go ahead and subscribe to TheGamer while you’re at it or else someone might throw a blue turtle shell at you. Let’s get started!


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Title: Mario Kart Augmented Reality Coming To Nintendo Switch
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