Nintendo Switch OLED Review Vs Original | One Month Later

Nintendo Switch OLED Review Vs Original | One Month Later

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Reviewing the Nintendo Switch OLED Edition one month later, plus comparison vs the original gaming console for battery life, performance, display tech and more. I've been testing this portable gamer for a few weeks and yep, the Switch OLED has smashed my expectations, even though it's not the Pro model we wanted from Nintendo.

You can grab a Switch OLED now from the official website via this affiliate link:

This new version of the original console boasts more upgrades than the bigger, brighter, punchier display - although that is the best bit. Sharp contrast, deep blacks and poppy hues make those 720p visuals much more attractive. The Nintendo Switch OLED also serves up stronger audio via the redesigned speakers. Bluetooth headphones support has been added, although this does need some refinement.

Other improvements vs the original Switch and Lite include a revamped kickstand, more premium design work and upgraded storage. Battery life has also improved thanks to the refreshed display. So overall, the OLED version may not be a Pro, as the performance is sadly the same as before. All the same, it's an easy recommendation if you haven't got the original or Lite, while we're waiting for the Pro.

Nintendo Switch OLED Review Chapters:
0:00 - Pointless waffle
0:45 - Design
2:03 - Dock
2:31 - Display
5:06 - Audio & Bluetooth
5:58 - Controls
6:39 - Performance & storage
7:29 - Games
7:59 - Battery life
8:25 - Verdict