How to Play PS3 Games Online on PC

How to Play PS3 Games Online on PC

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April 3, 2024
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How to Play PS3 Games Online on PC using RPCN, RPCS3 Full Tutorial Step by Step Guide

RPCN is an open-source server that emulates the P2P match-making on RPCS3 for PC. If you ever wondered if it's possible to play PS3 games online on your PC the answer is yes! Now in 2024 more games have their online functionality working and in this RPCS3 walkthrough i'll show you how to play PS3 Games Online on your PC with the RPCS3 with the best settings.

0:00 RPCN Progress
0:35 Install RPCS3
3:08 Extracing Game Files
4:17 Updating your Game
7:49 Install RPCN
9:48 Adding RPCN to Game
11:18 Online Test


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