Retro Handheld Gaming in Jolly Old England

Retro Handheld Gaming in Jolly Old England

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June 19, 2024
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Here's a recap of my recent trip to London, to include the handhelds and other gear I brought, and all the places we visited.

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NYC video:
Odin 2 Mini:
UGREEN power bank:
Travel adapter:
UGREEN 160W GaN charger:
His Dark Materials:

Too Many Games:
June 28th: Meet and Greet @ 7pm
June 29th: Nerd Nest Podcast Live @ 6pm

00:00 introduction
01:10 the handhelds I played
03:52 special gear for the trip
06:29 traveling to the UK
07:20 retro game shopping
09:20 context for the trip
11:03 transportation
12:12 Central London
16:20 Camden, Chinatown, West End
17:39 shopping and markets
20:09 museums
23:02 Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford
25:26 Harry Potter
28:40 Ted Lasso
29:50 Notting Hill and Abbey Road
31:02 food observations
34:36 summary and conclusion

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