PS5 Vs Xbox Series X: The Complete Buyers Guide

PS5 Vs Xbox Series X: The Complete Buyers Guide

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October 1, 2020
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PS5 Vs Xbox Series X is going to be the debate that fuels the next couple of years - but for now, with pre sales, and more consoles on their way officially in novermber, just in time for the holidays - here's your complete buyers guide to which one you should chose!


Should you buy the PlayStation 5 in 2020? How about the Xbox Series X? Neither? Well, I think it’s time we break down what we know and see if we can help find out which of these next gen systems could suit you best!
Both of these systems are launching next month - hitting store shelves on November 10 for the Xbox Series X and Series S, and November 12 for the PlayStation 5. And both most definitely have their own strengths and weaknesses, too!
What makes this console generation interesting is how different it is from the generations that came before it. For the first time I can think of, all three major console makers are doing their own things instead of fully directly competing with one another. Sure, Nintendo has been like this since at least the days of the Wii, and they still are, but to say that the PS5 and Series X are targeting the same folks would be wrong. There’s some overlap, sure, but each of these systems have their own strengths and weaknesses that we’re going to cover in today’s buying guide! So, today TheGamer, let’s try to answer the question: Should you get a PS5 or Xbox Series X in 2020?

Written by: Jamie Christensen
Narrated by: Jamie Christensen
Edited by: Jamie Christensen
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By: TheGamer
Title: PS5 Vs Xbox Series X: The Complete Buyers Guide
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